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The first thing that comes to mind when I was using the Divine LEDs Bike Light is... wicked bright. I am amazed at how much light this puts out. Just don't look into the lens when you turn it on, as you'll be seeing spots for hours.

Johnathan Dumbo

High visibility, great look, and a solid feel to this light. In the hand, it has some nice weight to it. The light seems durable and works great. The small tail light that was included is a freebie and not near as durable ... but the thought was nice.

Henry Fox

I live on a 5,600 acres ranch in Southwest Texas. After the passing of my husband, I took over as the ranch manager and found that if I was going to have time to ride my bike, it would have to start before daylight in the summer months in order to get as much work done as possible before temps passed 100*. Which means I needed a really good light to see rattlesnakes and whatever else lurked in front of me. I have had several lights, but none have been close to comparing with the brightness of this light! I had an issue at first for the mount was not big enough to mount on the thicker mountain bike handlebars, so I wrote to them asking if they had a solution. They replied that if I took out the thick rubber grip inside the mount, there is still a thinner rubber grip that would securely mount the light and I was delighted that this worked perfectly! I highly recommend this light. If it isn't bright enough for you, go to the sporting goods store and tape a huge spotlight to your handlebars..:)

Jennifer Writer

From the owner

Growing up, I've always appreciated the beauty of this world that we were blessed with. The mountains and the oceans we can witness... We must learn to truly appreciate our surroundings. Divine LEDs wants to make the world a brighter place, and to ultimately light it up - both figuratively and metaphorically. We donate a certain percentage of our earnings to research to prevent blindness so people can see again.

Rob Gray - CEO

A little About Us

Divine LEDs started out in 2013 with the mission to light up the world with their superior quality LED lights. Divine LEDs has offices both in London and New York. Our mission is to deliver superior quality in all branches of lightning.

As a small startup, customer satisfaction and product quality is key to them.

Divine LEDs Bike Light

The super bright Divine LEDs bike light is designed for your safety on your road. Built with the highest quality materials, your visibility at dark will no longer be an issue. Your bike deserves the best accessories.


LED Headlamp

Divine LEDs has revolutionized hands-free lightning once again. We've come up with the PERFECT headlamp which will make DIY and other activites such as camping and jogging in the dark a breeze. You will be illuminated without having to use your hands. It's so comfortable you won't even notice it's on your head.


Flameless Candles

Warm ambiance without the mess. Divine LEDs presents the best candles money can buy. You've heard it right. These candles are better than ACTUAL candles. They glow, they're made of real wax... they never run out.. they even flicker! Get yours today!


LED Lantern

Lightweight. Slick. Super Bright. We present you the best LED lantern to ever be created. We've innovated again.


LED Clip-On Light

Perfect for music stands, reading at night or even grilling. This light clips on to anything and has 2 adjustable heads. What will you use yours for?


LED Grill Light

10 LEDs Illuminate The Grilling Surface - Guaranteeing that even after dark you'll be able to sear to perfection or slow cook to desired doneness. Don't let the early sunsets of winter or the darkness that descends on a late night get-together keep you from properly grilling..